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Article  1 :
TESTS take place in a specific environment. The practice requires each participant to personally ensure their own safety. Participant need to follow the instructions of the organizer. The participant is the only responsible for its equipment.

Article 2 :
Our Company declines all responsibilities in case of injury during equipment testing. Being part of these events, you should refer to the professional insurance of your employer.

Article 3 :
The registration fee is definitively acquired by the organization. No refund will be made if the participant is away.

Article 4 :
Registration is personal and non-transferable.

Article 5 :
The organizer reserve the right to exclude people who do not respect rules and spirit in the event.

Article 6 :
The participant grants the organizer, their partnerships and media, to use their images on which he could appear during his participation to the race, on every supports, included promotional documents.